Friday, October 29, 2010

The Long Run continues; Bill welcomes Running Buddies on Sat Oct 30!

The Long Run(s) continues, in the quest to save the Holtkamp.

Bill had such a great response last weekend to his request for running buddies (Thank you Dr Mark Morton! Thank you Dr Mei-Fang Lin! Thank you Dr Michael Berry! Thank you Dr Sigurd Ogaard!) that he is REPEATING this epic journey. He WELCOMES running partners, for all or part of a day's route.

Saturday Oct 30 is the day; see below:

Time for another long run; join me if you wish
Departure is 6:30 a.m. from my front porch:
4019 75th St start.
East to University
North to 19th St
West to Flint
South to 50th
West to Memphis
South to 63rd
Wiggle through neighborhoods to Quaker
South to 76th and then home.

Here's a Google Map:

Wear your See Bill Run shirt (, and see you there!

Breakfast at 9:45 a.m. Runners, spouses, friends, and colleagues welcome to attend! LOCATION: Rain CafĂ© – 2708 50th St. (just West of Boston, north side of street).

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct 23: Google Map of the "long" route

Here's the route

URGENT: Bill needs running buddies!

Folks: the rubber is hitting the road, so to speak, in the quest to save the H0ltkamp. Several people have inquired of Bill whether he would welcome the occasional running partner, for all or part of a day's route, and the answer is an emphatic YES! Saturday Oct 23 is the day; see below:
Planning a longer run Saturday morning. 11 or 12 miles. Starting at 6:30 a.m. if all goes well. Runners who care to join in for part or all - intended path:
  • 4019 75th St start.
  • East to University.
  • North on University to 19th.
  • West on 19th to Flint.
  • South on Flint to 50th.
  • West on 50th to Memphis.
  • South on Memphis to 64th St.
  • West thru neighborhood to Quaker.
  • Quaker to home.
Wear your See Bill Run shirt, and see you there!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Great leap forward!

[from Bill]

All - I am pleased to tell you that today we received a truly substantial gift toward the Holtkamp Organ campaign. This gift, coupled with the many outright gifts and unofficial pledges received to date, our total is over $62,000. This is a GREAT beginning!

I say "unofficial pledges" because our next step will be to gradually contact all individuals who have made a pledge and ask them to complete the "official" Institutional Advancement form. Once this is completed, then the pledges "officially count" toward our campaign (recognized by the Institution). We will notify all who have completed our "in house" pledge form with additional details. We shall do all we can to make this easy and painless.

In addition, we have some wonderful people in this University working for this cause. Thanks to Dr. Bess Haley in Institutional Advancement, and thanks to Micah Blake (our CVPA Development Officer), we were pointed to another Foundation with an apparent interest in helping us with our project. Micah and Dr. Haley really made our proposal shine. Our Holtkamp Refurbishment proposal will be submitted for consideration before the November 16 deadline.

We have only begun the campaign! We will need your assistance, pledges, and encouragement all the way to the end (and so will I by the way!) T shirts are on order and will be on sale starting tomorrow! Shirts are $10. Think about it. Every purchased shirt is equal to two days of running (10 miles) at $1 per mile! Wear them proudly. They are loud and genuine attention-getters! I will wear mine to work on Friday.

In the works: radio; TV; student organization assistance; appearances at functions/events around town; and much more.

As of this writing ... 215 miles completed. Only 785 to go by April 1. That is 21.5% of my running goal. $62,000 is 35% of our $175,000 goal! As you can see, we ALL have more to do.

My sincere thanks to all who have assisted in this project. Remember to check out the blog, the twitter account, facebook, and RunKeeper.

I believe we can make our goal!!



Delighted to report that we now can offer T-Shirts as an additional way to support The Run! Buy them, wear them, give them as gifts--and most importantly, tell your friends!

Handy printable order form below (click on the form to see and print the full-size image):

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

W TX Runners Club!

Article on "Run Bill Run" in the newsletter of the West Texas Runners Club--no direct link, but we thank them for the mention!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


"Run Bill Run" T-shirts are in! Contact Janeen Gilliam (janeen dot gilliam at ttu dot edu)to get yer own and help the Cause!