Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Bill Ballenger writes:

"As of this morning, I completed 956 miles. Nearly finished with the 1,000 mile goal. This morning another $1,000 check came in and we were able to post $170,340 (on our way to the $175,000 goal).

"I will be finished with the run on Saturday, March 26. Inviting everyone to campus to run the last 3.1 miles with me. Or, they can walk the 1 mile route just to be a part of the festivities. 8 a.m. Start time, in front of the Music Building!"

If you are interested in running the "final miles" with Bill Ballenger, and/or if you can serve as a water-carrier, starter, route monitor, or in another volunteer role--and if you have a few bucks not yet contributed to this great cause!--please be in touch with Janeen Gilliam at

Finish line in sight--right on schedule. GO BILL!

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